Toilet Shower Sink drain venting, Canada

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    Jun 29, 2010
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    I am relocating my bathroom and the new setup will have: from basement 3" waste stack running up to basement ceiling then horizontal 18' to the front of the house into wye 3x3x2 to pick up shower then 4' into wye 3x3x3 to pick up toilet then into wye 3x3x2 to pick up sink then 3" to 2" to vent up the wall to roof.
    4' between shower and toilet.
    sink 3-4' from 3"
    3" runs directly under shower and toilet bewtween floor joist.

    Is it ok to vent this way?


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  2. Doherty Plumbing

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    Nope you can't do that because you have a fly dry vent AND you are wet venting a fixture past a water closet. You can't do this either.

    You need to tie the sink drain into the vertical "2 vent" you have labelled. Then you also need to try and tie the shower drain in upstream of the toilets trap arm. And if you can't do this then you would technically need to seperately vent the shower without a flat dry vent.
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