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Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by mortier, Jun 6, 2007.

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    Jun 6, 2007
    I plan to install a toilet next to the main 4" PVC drain pipe on a concrete slab floor. I dug out around the drain, and will connect the toilet to the drain pipe. My question is: should I use a saddle tee connection, or a tee with neoprene connectors? I know saddle tees are not popular with code inspectors. Is there a special PVC tee I should use with neoprene connectors, or is there a complete neoprene santary tee unit I could use? Also, any hints on how to cut the below-grade 4" drain pipe without digging a huge hole around it?
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    Is the main horizontal?
    If so, you need to tie in using a Y-branch fitting like a wye or combo...
    Saddle tees are not code compliant for this use...
    As well, you would need to vent the toilet before tying it into the main drain line...
    You can't use that for the vent as there are other fixtures draining into it...

    To do the actual tie in, take the wye and glue a couple 5" pieces of pipe into the ends of the straight section (not the branch)... Then use 2 fernco's (rubber couplings) to tie into the main... Measure the total length of the wye and the stubs of pipe in the ends when glued then cut out the same length of pipe (adding about 1/2") from the main... Slide the couplings onto the main (slide them back so you can see the ends of the pipe then insert the wye...
    Slip the couplings back over the pipes to be joined - ensure they are centered over the cuts - and snug them up till they provide some resistance to movement. At this point roll the pipe till you have it at the angle you want (flat or on a 45 degree angle etc) and tighten the bands down...
    Only use as much force as you can exert with a standard screwdriver-type nut driver then go another 1/4 to 1/2 turn with a ratchet... Using a 5/16" ratchet alone can allow you to overtorque them causing the bands to break... (We use torque wrenches specifically made to "break" at 60 in/lb torque so as not to overtighten the bands...)
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