The dangers of dumping mop water down a toilet

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    Ever since we got this house in early 2005, we've been getting clogged toilets at least once a year. And it always happened when we had someone here cleaning for us. ( Jennifer is handicapped and we have someone come in to clean every 3-4 weeks ) It was making us crazy. Then we had to go through the whole ordeal. The plunger wouldn't work and we always wound up having to have a rooter guy come out, often having to clear the entire line from the toilets to the sewer to get it fixed. It was frustrating and expensive! :(

    One woman who we had cleaning for us for 2 years, and did a great job, had this happen no less than 3 times while she worked for us, and it was driving us up the wall. We talked to her about not throwing tampons down the toilets, or the plastic tubes from them, or anything else, but she always insisted that she hadn't. We finally got so frustrated, because it kept happening the exact days that she was here, that we found someone else, despite all the good work she did!

    So last Sunday, here it went again. The woman we hired was here cleaning and the toilet clogged up in my bathroom! :( :(

    I went through the usual: You're sure you didn't put a tampon down there, or a tube, or paper towels or.... She insisted no, the only thing she had put down my toilet was the mop water in the bucket, from washing the floors!

    So the guy came out yesterday, after the Monday holiday rush was done, and snaked my toilet, felt he had hit a hard object, thought it had gone through, I paid him and he left.

    Within hours, using the toilet a few times, it clogged right up again. So he came back today - a good guy, and snaked it again, and hit something again, this time catching the snake on it and fighting with it like a shark, until he was finally able to pull it out!

    TOILET - COMB PULLED OUT 9-8-11 redu.jpg

    Jennifer couldn't figure what happened to the comb that was in her bathroom and had to buy a new one at the store today! Well we found it!

    We don't think this woman bears us any ill will, and are giving her the benefit of the doubt, but what must have happened was that the comb got stuck in the foam mop head, fell off in the bucket of murky dirty water and was then dumped at the other end of the house, in my toilet, and flushed!

    This appears to explain the whole frustrating phenomenon of why these clogs were always happening when someone was cleaning for us!

    So we already had a printable cleaning list, and I just added this to the very top line of it, so everyone sees it from now on:


    Also, kudos to Charlie from Jake the Snake, who is a good, honest, hard working and highly skilled and competent guy and has helped us before!

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