Testing a Soun Touch floor heat mat.

Discussion in 'Electrical Forum discussion & Blog' started by Erico, Mar 11, 2012.

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    I'm testing a couple mats prior to installation. The label on the floor mat(s) says OHM range from 44-54. I'm getting a reading of just a hair over 15 for both mats. I'm assuming I don't have two bad mats. I assume it's user error.

    I've done three of these mats in the last several years and I don't remember a reading other than in the teens for these mats.

    I'm using an Ideal Multi-meter 61-312 cat II.

    What am I missing here? there is no setting on the tool.
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    15 ohms sounds way way too low to me. Don't know what you mean by "there is no setting on the tool", because
    there are dozens of settings on that multimeter. Are you sure you are set to the ohms scale? Do you have
    an instruction manual? If not, they are available online!
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    Heating elements tend to change resistance when they get hot...so, a cold reading may not mean much. If you have a current meter, that would allow you to calculate the actual resistance in circuit when hot.

    Measure the resistance of a lightbulb, then compare the expected current draw and you'll find it draws a lot less when on than what you'd expect from the resistance when cold.
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