Tankless (gas) exhaust discharge - NG alarm reading

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    Jun 7, 2020

    I have a two year old Westinghouse WGRGHNG199. Works very well and I'm quite pleased.

    When we installed this unit, I also installed a NG/LP gas alarm near the WH, in case of a gas leak.

    It has never gone off. I test it recently with the gas stove and it alarmed as expected. It has a 1 thru 10 meter, so it shows gradations nicely.

    I decided to put it near the WH exhaust vent on the side of our house with hot water demand. I could hear/feel the exhaust sending warm, humid air - as expected. Surprisingly, the sensor alarmed. It measured a 5 (see picture).

    This surprised me because I expected all the NG to have burned into heat, water and CO.

    Does this mean that my unit may not be calibrated correctly? The gas valve has specific CO and CO2 readings required (per manual) during calibration.

    Or is this just normal and all brands of gas appliance do this?

    Thanks for all the advice!

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