Re-routing gas line from meter to stove + fireplace + furnace + water heater-

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Hello, I just had part of my house re-sided, and had to disconnect all of the gas lines to do so b/c they were strapped to the siding. Now it is time to hook them back up. Attached is a photo of my meter and the residual lines (the one going through the lower siding runs back to the furnace and water heater, the 3/4" disconnected went to the stove, and the 1/2" disconnected went to fireplace).

I'm wondering -- how can I clean this up and make it look better? I was hoping to avoid re-strapping it to my beautiful new siding. I was considering drilling a hole through the rim joist near the meter and shooting a 3/4 line right into the crawl, and then having a Tee with one line running to fireplace and one running to stove. Or I also was wondering if I could just go cut open the 3/4" in the crawlspace that goes to the furnace/water heater (since it already has a hole through the rim joist) and make a couple of Tees and route one line to the fireplace and one to the stove. Total BTU for all of my appliances is around 200k. Thoughts or ideas on how to proceed or make this look better? I dont mind doing it the hard way if it would look "cleaner" or be better. Thanks for any insight- much appreciated.


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