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    I have a Symmons Temptrol in one of my apartments that is dripping. I was over there caulking the tub when I noticed it.

    I removed the trim to see what I was in for. I got as far as removing the t-34 screw and then attempted to turn part t-11 with no luck. I gave up and came home to look at the parts diagram online.


    I searched through the forums and found good advice on servicing these valves. I'm more used to working on the newer Delta and Moen "cartridge" types of shower valves that are very easy.

    What are the risks of rendering this thing useless? I was adding up the cost of the various part kits for this valve, TA-4, TA-9 and maybe the TA-25A. It adds up quickly.

    I'd rather let it drip for now and plan on a whole valve replacement down the road. The valve in question is about 17years old.
    What do you guys think.
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  2. johnjh2o1

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    You can buy a kit with the ta-4, ta-9 and ta-10, you will also need the tools t-35a and t-35b. All these parts must be replaced at the same time as stated in the instructions with the kit.

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  4. Redwood

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    The Symmons Temptrol usually rebuilds quite nicely as long as the water isn't to hard however the parts do add up.

    I usually install new T-4 hot and cold seats, a new TA-10 Spindle, and the TA-25 A or, B volume/diverter spindle with good results.

    By the time you add up all the individual parts your better off just hitting big box and buying the whole valve for about $90 and swapping out the parts. It also gives you the option of having the valve on hand to replace it if the T-3 seat strips out.

    The valve should be open before attempting to remove the T-11 cap or reinstalling it.

    Raven Products makes a great tool for the Temptrol which I prefer over the T-35 seat tools. You will need one or, the other...

    I've done better write ups here in the past use the forum search to find them.

    here's a pic of the Raven Products Tool

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