Symmons Temptrol Tub Spout is Still Dripping

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I have 2 Symmons Temptrol showers that were leaking. One through the handle and one on the tub spout. I replaced all the parts in the diagram on both and the handle in the master bathroom stopped leaking but the tub spout in the downstairs bathroom still leaks.

The symptoms are a slow drip in the tub spout when the water is turned off via the handle. This happens regardless if the diverter is turned to the tub spout or shower, it still drips out the tub spout. Interestingly enough when I the water is flowing and I have the diverter set to shower I still get a small steady stream out the tub spout, even after replacing the diverter.

Since replacing all the parts, the slow drip went from a drip every 30 seconds to every 10 seconds. I think I may have overtightened the Seat Kit with Cold Seat O-Ring (TA-4) or the Spindle Assembly (TA-10) or both.

Curious to your thoughts on the best way to resolve. Below are the links to the 2 YouTube videos I used to replace the parts and attached is a diagram of all the parts.

Fixing Symmons Temptrol Shower Leak
How To Replace A Symmons Shower/ Tub Spindle And Diverter


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The rubber (neoprene) washer, the bottom of TA10 stem may not be seating correctly into the TA4 parts. As you stated you have over tighten and it could have been distorted. It may be hard to do but brass is soft. Another possibility is water is working around the threads of the smaller TA4 part or the ring on the larger part. I would remove them and with a scruff pad (blue color) scrub the interior of the valve body. This is to remove any hard water deposits. Slightly turn on the water to flush out the valve body (just a few seconds). Reinstall TA4 parts but use the slightest amount of silicone grease on to the threads and O-ring. Use very little, you do not need to load it up. Normally for brass threads nothing is needed but a little silicone grease can seal up any gaps. You can use pipe dope but on the threads and again very very little so it does not come in contact with water. Do not pipe dope on the O-ring.

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