Sulfur Smell again

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    Nov 30, 2005
    I recently purchased a home that had a new Hot Water heater installed 3 weeks prior to closing. There was an odor, I purchased two filters and installed them, sedament and Iron Manganese. The filters removed odor for 2 weeks, I then called the company and they suggested bleaching the system. We did this and the water was fine for only a week ago.

    What I need to know is ? Can I remove the Anode rod completely? If not, how much bleach is suggested to place in water heater and how long do I let it soak before flushing system?

    Thanks so much as I am so discouraged,
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    You can change the anode rod to another type, or remove it. Removing it voids the warranty. Adding bleach/chlorine will not be a permanent fix, bacteria are the cause of the odor and they live in the water and the odor will return shortly after the chlorine is gone. The bacteria is harmless and is usually IRB or SRB; iron and sulfate reducing types.

    The other choice is to increase the temp to 140f, that kills the bacteria, including Legionella if it is in your water. It is dangerous.

    The manganese greensand filter is not going to help at all unless there is an odor in the cold water. The sediment filter will only remove invisible 'dirt' that all waters contain and there is no point if removing it. Especially if you are using a disposable cartridge type. Save your money and remove the cartridge.

    Quality Water Associates
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