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  1. karen11

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    Sep 20, 2006

    We recently bought a Sterling Ensemble 36 bath/shower module. We already had an Ensemble 32 in another bathroom, and had good experience with it.

    As were were installing the Ensemble 36, we noticed that the area of the tub, where the overflow plate mounts, is curved. That curvature makes it impossible to mount the plate, since the plate is designed to mount on a flat surface ( like every other tub we've ever owned). I looked at our Ensemble 32 and noticed that Sterling intentionally designed it so that the area where the plate mounts is flattened out to accept the plate. Why they didn't do that on the 36, I do not know.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has experience with this problem, and knows of an overflow plate that will fit, or another solution? I called Sterling/Kohler customer service, and they suggested packing the gap with white caulk :(

    Many thanks.
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    no big deal

    its the back side of the tub that counts

    and as long as the sponge rubber thing pressed down against
    the tub it wont leak.....

    the white caulk should suffice to be used on both the front
    and back side of the tub....

    if you tighten it down enough it might form to the angle somewhat too....

    i dont think I would worrya bout it too much....

    when in doubt ....caulk....
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