Static Water Level in Drilled Well

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Hi, I have a drilled well that is about 115 feet deep. I called a plumber to come out and replace the submiersible pump. Nothing wrong with the one I have but it's been running for 32 years. I figure better to replace it on my terms than it just quits and then I need to scramble to replace it.

Anyway, plumber came out to take a look at it and the water level in the casing is above the pitless adapter. Not sure why that is. A few years back we extened the height of the casing about 3 feet to change some grading and it was below the pitless adapter then.

Not sure if this is just because the time of year here in early spring.

He says he needs to pump the water out to get it below the pitless adapter. Makes sense otherwise he cannot see it.

Is this a common issue? Will pumping the water to lower the static level be a cumbersome or time consuming task?



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Maybe, maybe not. Turn on all of your hoses and run water to the ditch. See if the water drops enough. to gather data.

Once the old pump is pulled, that will not be available. So the reinsertion of the pitless adapter would have to be by feel. The plumber would carefully mark which way the shoe points, and record the depth.

Replacing the o-ring on the pitless is normal if you pull the pump.

I would tend to not do the replacement. The old pump may be good for another 10 years, and the new pump might last 7 years. Or if you do it, maybe wait for water tables to drop.
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