Standing water in basement drain

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Hi all - I have a basement drain that connects to my home's footer drain pipe, which is daylighted below the house (does not connect to our septic system). I noticed that I always seem to have a constant amount of water in the pipe, no matter how much water I flush down the drain. The home is only about a year old and I am curious if it is typical that a P-trap would have been installed in the drain line and that is why I am seeing standing water? The water will not rise when pouring water down the drain, so it is flowing out at least slowly but it always retains some water in it.

If there is a P-trap then it is well beyond the area where I see standing water where I can easily snake a tape-measure through 5 feet of the drain without any obstructions. I didn't think a P-trap would have been installed since this drain is not connected to the septic drain, but don't know if these are typically plumbed with them regardless. I am thinking even if there was a trap in this line, shouldnt all the drain line leading up to the trap always be drained empty if it has proper pitch?

Just wanted any advice because the builder is coming back soon for a 1-year visit to fix issues and I am debating whether to bring this up or not as an issue if the pipe is not properly sloped.


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If it was back pitched wouldnt it eventually back up the drain onto the floor? If I pour water into mine, the water level never comes up, so I wonder if it's just dead level?


Depends on the PITCH of the back pitch or a belly in the line .. NOT all back pitched lines cause a stoppage
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