Split heat pump comparisons

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    Aug 14, 2010
    Our 17 y.o. York 3.5 ton is probably nearing its life span. We are having contractors from York, Goodman, Carrier and Trane come over and give us estimates for a replacement.

    Did a search on this site for heat pump comparisons and found nothing. Any recommendations?

    One thing came up: Our house is single level, 2200 s.f. and only one air return. 2 contractors wanted to install another air return and 2 said to take the existing 20x25 inch 3M filter out...and leave it open and install a four inch filter in the air handler, in the garage. Any thoughts on this?

    We understand that the most important thing is to have a KNOWLEDGEABLE/PROFESSIONAL/FACTORY AUTHORIZED installer do the job. Correct?

    Next most important is a FACTORY warranty or extended warranty. Ironclad, no tricky wording.

    Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated.
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