Sorting out 3-way switch wiring

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    Jun 3, 2014
    I have six circuits, three controlled by 3-way switches and three controlled by single switches:

    Location 1 (one whip):
    1) 7 kitchen can lights (3-way)
    2) 3 island pendants (3-way)
    3) 2 dining chandeliers (3-way)

    Location 2 (two whips):
    1) 7 kitchen can lights (3-way)
    2) 3 island pendants (3-way)
    3) 2 dining chandeliers (3-way)
    4) 2 workdesk can lights
    5) ceiling fan
    6) living room can lights

    The wiring was done by a (now fired, for other reasons) electrician as part of the rough electrical for our kitchen renovation. My three pictures show the wiring coming out of the whips at each switch location (the whips exist because the switches have to be mounted to cabinets sides). The only time I get a "hot" reading with my tester is when a single Breaker X is on, and the wires that read hot are noted below.

    How do I go about sorting what wires go to what circuits? I'd like to install a switch for and use the kitchen can lights before my (second) electrician comes to do the final.

    First picture, Location 1:
    black (hot), white
    black, white
    red (hot), white (hot)
    red, black
    green ground

    Second picture, Location 2:
    black, black, white
    black, black, white
    black, red (hot), white (hot)
    green ground

    Third picture, Location 2:
    black (hot), red
    black, red
    green ground

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  2. fullysprinklered

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    Jun 15, 2014
    self-employed plumber-electrician doing residentia
    About that electrician; any chance you worried the poor bastard to death?
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