Softener and green sand filter. Please help

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    OK so I need to repost my original post since I have been working crazy long hours. I am need of knowing what type of media and system I need to build I just got my test results back for $199 from wholesale water online and very happy with their help and results. Test is for 255 contaminants. See attachments.

    My first posts and softener details.
    "I just bought a possible greensand filter off of craigslist for $100. It is a 2005 model only used for 4 years. It is not the typical greensand filter I am looking for but I need to know what it is? It has a Fleck 2510 part #40278 control head with a 948 pentair tank 9in x 48in and I determined it holds 1.0 cu ft of media. It has inlet and outlet with a back wash only. also numbers on control head sticker 231802-005001-0002C00

    1. I have high iron that softener is not removing and bad rotten egg smell, not sure if iron bateria in water. I have constant yellowish stain in toilet and rust in tank. What is the best option for my system? What should I build out of what I have?

    Water Softener: It is an Ecowater system softner ESD 2502r39 i tore apart and leaned all valves and screens seems to be working. It was installed I believe in 1997 or 99"

    2. So what media must I use and what should I do to clean water up. I already have pre paper filter before jet pump and RO system for under my kitchen sink that has the three filters on it. already waiting to be installed. I plan on a small kenmoore (not small, larger like whole house one but not big floor tank) carbon filter after softener. Thanks I need your expertise guys... this site is great so far has been very helpful.

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    Sep 25, 2013
    That water test you posted does not match your high-iron description. That test shows only 0.1 ppm of iron but 0.15 manganese.
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  4. Gary Slusser

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    Aug 31, 2004
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    That is a serious no no.

    No filter of any type before any type of jet pump or after any type pump (jet or submersible) between the pump and its pressure switch. Some jet pumps have the switch on the pump, so no filter between any type pump and its pressure tank. Pumps and pressure tanks do not need filtered water.
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