Slope in the backyard of a house on a hill

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    Hello my saviors,

    I have a basic question about a slope on my backyard. My house is located on a hill (not steep, maybe 15-20 degree or so). So as you see the picture, my backyard is slightly slopped (maybe 5 degree) down from neighbor A to neighbor C. The problem I have is that the retaining wall between my backyard and C is falling, so I am thinking to remove the slope, leveling the backyard. My question is
    1. Do I need to have a slope (pitch) on my backyard for drainage?
    2. If so, I am thinking to have a slope down toward neighbor B (pitching toward my house). Distance from my deck to the fence of B is about 30 feet. If I am pitching toward B, what slope should I make? like 12 inches per 15 feet?

    I really appreciate it if you help me solve this dilemma.
    Thank you!!

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    As we all know water flows downhill. You cannot change the slope where your neighbors would get any run off. That wall looks like it was done long ago to correct a water drainage problem. If you level it off the rain water needs to drain somewhere, not all of it will drain into the ground. You can bury drainage pipe to get the water to drain toward the driveway.

    That backyard looks almost identical to the house I grew up in on Long Island including the deck. Instead of a tree we had a power pole in the same location and the ground slope sloped to the back of the home that cause water to seep into the basement.

    Helping my dad around 1960, we cut into the slope and built a small retaining wall, about 12-14” high. That greatly reduced the slope. As my father went off to work he had me dig a trench on the side of the home to get the runoff to the front of the home where it sloped to the street. It worked. Only in a severe rain events would we get water. We sold the home in 2018.
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