Shower Riser Height for Handheld Shower

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  1. terogers

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    Jul 8, 2014
    I am installing a new Moentrol Valve that will supply a new tub spout and handheld shower (in lieu of a traditional shower head). The idea is that the handheld shower will attach to a wall bar that will have the ability to hold the handheld at a traditional height ~79". However, it will mostly be used to bathe my two daughters under 3yrs. I would like to set the nipple that the hand held attaches to at about 12" above the valve which would be about 12" above the tub spout/diverter. I stumbled across some forums that state that there is a minimum shower riser height to prevent flow from both the shower head and tub. I currently have the tub area down to the studs. Any advice is truly appreciated... Thanks!
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    Aug 17, 2004
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    Moen instructions mention 11" as the limit for the tub spout center to center, but not really a mention for the shower. If you have a handheld with five foot hose, that's quit a bit of restriction there. I don't see an issue with that.
    The tub spout should be run in copper. :)
    No PEX or CPVC :(
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    Most handheld hoses have a natural bend or arc when then hang of 8"-10". Often the support of the handheld to the bar is offset 2"-4". Getting the measurements just right is easier with the hose onsite.

    Let it swing a bit in the closet for a day or two. Then hold it up with the bend to see how it looks.

    Check out this idea book of mine for more ideas.

    "How to Place Shower Controls for Bathing Bliss"
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