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    May 5, 2008
    So I decided to get at it and do more work in my house and redo the master bathroom. So I purchased a EZ slope kit. The piece that gives you the slanted rods and you use to make your shower slope with.
    So I used them and although it isn't the most perfect job it all actually slopes down. I checked it many times with a small level and a large level. Overall I was impressed I managed this.
    So I installed the shower membrane liner. I got one from Lowes which was really thick and Grey Rubber stuff. So I installed this and whatnot and I also heard from some website and a book I bought that an easy solution instead of doing a lot more work on your slope and using the sandmix you can just install pieces of tile board here. So I went that route.
    However here is where I am debating on my next step.
    I was wondering how critical is it for me to put another sandmix slope down ontop of my membrane? Is it required?
    Is it going to be an issue if I mortar right on top of the membrane now and add a slight slope with the mortar? Should I just stop now and bring someone in to do the rest lol?
    One final tid bit about this..
    So I have a slope and I saw the best way to go forward is to place the tiles on the bottom of the wall to get a measurement. However since there is a slope its not exactly even is it? I suppose it should be pretty even so anyway then screw in a spacer so that you put the bottom row in last?
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    A setting bed of mortar is required on top of the liner. There are lots of little details that need to be done right if you want this to last and work right. Suggest you check out for detailed help with tiling your shower.

    If done right, the top edge of the mudbed pan should be even all the way around the shower. Unless it is square and the drain perfectly centered, the slope will be different on the short verses long edges. The long slope needs the 1/4" per foot, which means that the short slope will be steeper to keep it even all the way around.

    Thinset will NOT stick to the need the setting bed.
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