Shower controls centered with drain or with wall?

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  1. cjldad

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    So I'm redoing a shower and have got my durock up and when I look at it, the control valve and shower head look out of place. They are centered with the linear drain, which will be the center of the curb to the wall. I'm wondering if I should center with where the shower door will land on the curb instead?

    I know I can just make it whatever I want, but what's the general practice?


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  2. dj2

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    Aug 13, 2013
    Most plumbers will align the valve with the drain. But like you mentioned, it's your choice.
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  5. Tuttles Revenge

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    Oct 15, 2014
    It totally depends on how your tile grout lines will appear, what type of shower door, the threshold and a bunch of other factors. Do what will look best or what will catch your eye.. or not catch your eye and draw attention where you don't want it. Whatever the plan, make sure its done level and plumb as tile will most certainly be installed level and plumb.
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