Screwed up the Threads on my Pitless Connector.

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  1. tulegiy

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    Mar 29, 2012
    Wichita, KS
    Last summer I replaced a broken pvc Fitting coming off the pitless to the house since it was snapped off flush and filled the yard. Had to end up using a hack saw blade to cut it apart to remove it. Nothing I tried worked so that was the last resort at the time. I put another pvc fitting in it with tons of pipe sealant. It dripped but let it go since well, I was lazy I guess. lol.. Left the pit empty open so I could keep an eye on it since I was leary of the connection. Now I have it leaking again.

    what would you folks do in this case? Ive never pulled the pump but see from reading that its not too much trouble. Pretty sure we can handle it with no problems. Can I fix the threads that I screwed up with some JB weld or what ever is recommended, or should I just replace the pitless connector? if replace, can I just replace the one part if its the same? Just tie up the inside out of the way?

    By the way, the thread damage is a hacksaw cut right through the threads down to the base of the thread. I cranked on it and still leaked a bit but was a cheap pvc fitting. Didnt want to crank on it until it snapped off. a brass one might seat better with compound.

    Any help or advice on this would be great.

  2. craigpump

    craigpump In the Trades

    Apr 12, 2012
    Self employed water system tech
    Get another complete pitless and use a brass male adapter for the connection to the poly pipe. Nylon & PVC fittings will snap, galvanized will eventually corrode then leak
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  4. VAWellDriller

    VAWellDriller Member

    Sep 8, 2012
    Mud rotary well driller, pump installer
    Richmond, VA
    I'd try a brass nipple with lots of teflon tape can get that a lot tighter without worrying about breaking it off. If you have pvc water line to the house, use a compression repair fitting to join the two.....Get a new pitless like Craigpump said if that doesn't work.
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