Salmon La Sac and the Cooper River

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    Aug 17, 2004
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    Salmon La Sac Campground in Washington, farther up the road from the Cle Elum Lake and river. Here the hiking trail makes it's way up to Cooper Lake from the campground. On a Memorial Day weekend, the campground was pretty full. Kids were jumping from rocks into the river below and swimming across the river. Sue and I watched. Maybe later in the Summer when the water warms up?

    Sue and Terry with the Cooper River behind us.


    The large tree on the left bank has a rope swing. The two kids on the rock to the right, jumped off the rock, swam across, climbed up the rock face on the other side, and then using the rope swing dropped into the river and swam back. The water was cold. There were patches of snow in the shade.

    From Seattle, take Interstate 90 east for nearly 78 miles. Take exit 80 toward Salmon La Sac and turn left on Bullfrog Road. Continue to the traffic circle and take the second exit onto WA-903 north. Continue onto Salmon La Sac road into the campground.

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