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Your well water is to be utilized for human consumption, not to simply fill a pool or irrigate yard vegitation. Pool testing is not suitable for water that is to be consumed.

In post #6, Ditttohead recommended an appropriate testing lab that specializes in testing water that is to be consumed. Their comprehensive lab report will specify the various elements and their quantities to assure the safety of the water, and also to assist to identify the conditions which will cause issues. Knowing which conditions are present will assist to determine the treatment methods that will be most likely to be successful.
We are not concerned with drinking it just making it safe for our plumbing fixtures, water heater etc. The rust stains is the big thing. If we can eliminate that, we are good.


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Water (and most dissolved elements within) is consumed not only by drinking, but is also breathed into the lungs as droplets and is absorbed through the skin while bathing.

When operating a private well, you become your own water supplier which makes you fully responsible for the water's safety in addition to any treatment needed to improve taste, odor and aesthetics.

The appropriate treatment choice to remedy a specific problem, will often be impacted by other water conditions. A current comprehensive lab test is always recommended prior to choosing any water treatment methods since the incorrect choices can be not only less/ineffective, but also costly.
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