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Hi! I purchased the Aquasana Rhino Well Water Whole house water system a year ago. It has been working great, no complaints. About 3 weeks ago our water started smelling like sulfur. My question is can I backwash those big blue filters to get the bacteria out of them.? I have written Aquasana several times without any helpful responses asking the same question. What I got back was, bleach is fine, the filter will push the bacteria out eventually. Does this sound right to anyone? I am facing a conundrum here. I have an aerator tank and a giant sulfur filter I just purchased. I feel like the bacteria is in those big blue filters and I do not know how to flush them out. I believe the 2nd filter is the one that captures all the contaminants and chlorine. The first filter is a Salt-Free Water Conditioner. I have tried running bleach through them but the water coming out smells like sulfur. I feel like 2nd tank is capturing the bleach but not letting it pass through hence the sulfur bacteria is stuck in there. So, does anyone have any suggestions on how to flush or shock those big blue Aquasana filters? Can I run water back through the water out side and not destroy the filter? Any ideas would be appreciated. thanks in advance for your helpful ideas or suggestions.

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