Rockin' The Brick Saloon in Roslyn. The State's oldest.

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Rockin' The Brick Saloon in Roslyn. The State's oldest. It opened in 1889, by John Buffo and Peter Giovanni.

On weekends The Brick features live music and dancing bringing a slightly different crowd. Younger locals and tourists make up the bulk of the crowd.


Max Watters on guitar and Jamie Love on vocals here with the band Longstride.

People say they've seen ghosts - a little girl, a cowboy. There's a piano backstage in the other room that has played by itself. A bar tender quiet because of a ghost. We didn't see any on this Saturday, but we did see a lot of people living it up and dancing to the music. The bar both the upper and the lower floor were filled for a good time.


Fridays and Saturday they have live music. They also do Taco Tuesdays.


Jason and Bryon talking to the sound guy on the left. He's holding a Longstride CD in his hand.


Jamie Love talking to the bartender.


The bar on the right came over from England around Cape Horn. There is a running water spittoon constantly running so that the miners can spit into it. I didn't see any miners or anybody else spitting, but it was nice to have it just in case. I guess before women could use the bar the men used to also pee in it. I don't spit by the way and I used the men's room when needed.
A nice article about The Brick

The television series Northern Exposure was set at The Brick. It and the town will look familiar to those that watched the show.

Jamie Love and Longstride performing at The Brick.

He will be back at The Brick on:
May 5, 2018
July 27, 2018

The next morning we had breakfast at Roslyn's Cafe. That was on the TV show too.
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Terry when i was a kid 3-5 my grandparents had a tailor shop in 1950s and lived above it. When i would visit ( no bathroom on first floor) i would use the spittoon in the shop. Thanks for bringing up old me memories. Looks like a cool bar.
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