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We moved into our house a few years ago which came with a Rheem RTG-95XN. Our ability to run two showers at once has slowly diminished and with the introduction of colder temps this winter things have finally gotten to where we can only run one shower at a time (1.75gpm shower heads) and have a hot shower.
I have descaled the unit twice recently and given the unit a look over and haven’t found anything obvious to cause a low output situation. The inlet and outlet valves are fully open, as is the gas valve, and we have never had a code show up. If we turn on both showers to the fully hot position they barely run now.

What do I need to be looking for to troubleshoot? Is it common for the unit to decrease output with a bad sensor, etc? The temp is set at 120, and it isn’t able to keep up even with outdoor temps consistently in the mid 50’s outside. I’ve verified that the entire burner is on under high demand, and the flame is blue. I have noticed if I turn the set temp down to 112 the flow rate even with both showers running on full hot is normal. I guess I’m just unsure of what is decreasing the units ability to raise the water temp to 120 degrees with mild outdoor temps to below 3.5gpm.

Any input is appreciated
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