Rheem Performance Plus electric 50#.. heat trap question

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I imagine that heat traps are a hot topic so I hope I'm not adding fuel to the fire.

I installed one of these recently and like a lot of folks we've noticed the water pressure reduction.. logically caused by the traps. I know what the traps do.. I know they exist for a reason but what I cannot find anywhere yet is are they demonstrably better than a set of properly insulated pipe loops?
We're out in the country and on well water, and while the pressure difference isn't huge it is enough to be annoying. Also there's the fact that since we are on well water, (with a newer softener, and 3 levels of filtration) we deal with lime scale and deposits from having ultra high TDS.
So, any restrictions in flow, will invariably increase over time due to buildup. Which means at some point in the next year to 2 years I'll have to pull these to clean them.

So in addition to the question above about efficiency, I also wanted to know if anyone has removed the traps on this brand/model heater?

From what I've read so far, some heaters have the dip tube connected to the heat trap. Some have it separate but the trap presses down on the tube in a sort of compression seal.

Does anyone know what this one might have? I have not located a parts diagram as of yet.

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