replacing cast iron sewer pipe

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    Hey everyone, first post here. I've been looking for a plumbing forum to get some quick answers and i think i have found it here.

    I have a very small bathroom that has a rocking toilet and a water stained vinyl floor. I have not pulled it up yet but i'm guessing it's either a broken flange or leaky wax ring, maybe both. It looks like i'm going to be replacing some of the floor itself during this project. The floor is not soft but warped as i can see it from the basement. I did pull up some of the old vinyl near the toilet and the wood floor looks black. Is this mold? Hopefully i can get started on it this weekend or next.

    I was doing some measurements and noticed it has a rough in measurement of 16". Not sure why. There is no floor joists in the way. Like i said the bathroom is small and right now the bathtub is right at my kness when sitting down. 4" of space is being wasted behind the toilet right now. I figure if i have to replace part of the floor and flange, that i might as well make use of the extra space and get the rough in back to 12".

    I feel like i am a fairly handy guy, but definately not a carpenter. And never did a project this size or type myself.

    I included a picture of what the cast iron sewer pipes look like from below and included some measurements of where i would like to move it. I do not know how to get the lead and oakum seals apart on the fittings, so i was wondering what would be the best way to go about doing this the easiest way. Obviously i would need to shorten the line 4" somehow. If i got the fittings apart, or cut the cast iron and connected it with a PVC elbow and connector would this be the easiest? What are your thoughts?

    Thanks. Jerry.

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