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    I am building a new home. The HVAC system will include a Honeywell ERV and whole house Dehumidifier. The main unit is a Bosch Geothermal system (TA035). Since the house will be spray foamed, air infiltration will be minimal, so I am concerned with the need for replacement air to compensate for kitchen and other exhaust fans (range exhaust fan is a Fantech FG6M, max is 418 CFM, the 2 bathroom units are in the 100 CFM range) . My HVAC contractor tells me the ERV will be balanced so it cannot be used for adding air. My question can tap onto the ERV inlet with a wye to connect a automatic damper controlled by the exhaust fan power switch. The ERV inlet is a 6" inlet. I hate to add another inlet if I don't have too. If anyone can suggest another way I can use any of this equipment to control another intake damper (eg Honeywell Y8150) I'd like to hear them. HVAC contractor is not helpful and Honeywell says there are too many variables for them to offer any suggetions.
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