Removing a sprinkler head from layout

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    Feb 6, 2021
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    We bought a house with an existing sprinkler system. We are now planning to expand a patio on the back of the house and will eventually add a pad for a shop in the back yard. To expand the patio we will need to eliminate one sprinkler head which is in that area.

    The existing layout for this zone is: 4 180 degree multi-stream rotors (far right side in the picture), 2 180 degree rotors (along back of house in picture), 1 360 degree rotor (in the middle of the back yard) and 1 90 degree rotor.

    The 90 degree rotor is in a corner formed by the back wall of the house and the existing patio. This is the one we want to remove in order to expand the patio and the patio will then cover the area of grass currently being watered by that head.

    Can we just remove that head and cap the supply line? or will we need to make changes to the other heads?

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    Usually capping it off is OK. It is best to cut the pipe if it is just a branch by itself. When you dig around you'll see where the feed pipe is coming from. If there is a tee you can only cap it off since the branch pipe is feeding another sprinkler head. If it ends there, the elbow connection will usually point to the direction it came from. If you can figure it out where the pipe might be past the patio and cut and cap it off past the patio. You want to eliminate any future leak under the patio. If it is pavers, no so bad since they can be easily removed concrete not so easy.

    If your water is city there is no problem, a well you'll need to be sure the pump is not short cycling, One sprinkler head and rotors elsewhere there probably be no problem. Some rotors you can change out the nozzle for more water flow. Rain Bird Gear rotors come with an assortment of nozzles. After the patio is completed then you may have to adjust spray patterns.

    I just added 1000 square feet of pavers and I was able to cut the pipe past the pavers for most of the job but there is still four buried cap offs. I eliminate about 14 sprinklers in three of the four zones on reclaimed water.

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  4. mikaho

    mikaho New Member

    Feb 6, 2021
    Fort Worth Texas
    Thanks! If you look at the pictures I posted you can see the zone valve which is a couple of feet past where the edge of the porch will be. The output from the zone valve goes to an imediate Tee. One side of the tee runs to the one head I want to remove so I thought I would cut that off and cap it. The other side runs out into the yard about 10 inches and tees again. One of those goes to the one spinrkler in the middle of the yard, the other one parallels the back of the house and feeds the rest of the heads along the back of the patio and house. And we are on city water. So it sounds like I can just cut off the one and cap it.

    Thanks for the input!
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