Rebuild or Replace Kinetico Model 60?

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I’ve read all of the posts I can find about the Kinetico Model 60 (age is from early 2000’s).

One of the posts in particular ( mentions not being able to read the disc and mentions that it may not be working correctly if it’s difficult to read. My disc looks like someone painted it with iron and is hard to read. I believe that it is not working to its full performance. I am wondering if I should try to rebuild it (potentially replace seals, gears, and resin) or replace with another system, like a dual tank Fleck 9100 SXT or a newer model Kinetico (unless there are other dual tank models out there that you might recommend). I haven’t rebuilt any of these in the past but I consider myself pretty handy and capable if the parts and some kind of manual/parts diagram is available.

I should note - I installed an AIO (w/ Katalox Light) before my Model 60 softener last year to reduce hydrogen sulfide. This works great, but I still need a softener to reduce the hardness of the water. The model 60 still triggers a backwash on regular use as it should. Water testing shows that it is reducing hardness but not as well as it should. I need to run another test as the most recent was 6 months ago. I would appreciate any advice/insight you can share, especially if it is something that won’t cost me a ton of money, something I do not have right now.

Thanks! Nate
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