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    Feb 15, 2008
    This is an update to my plumbing nightmare, First I told you guys about my septic system with water comming out of the ground, and my toilet starting to flush slow. Naturally I assumed the septic system was backing up, and needed to be repaired, well it did, the septic tank was rebuilt, and it needed a new cover, and the field needed repair. When that work was done I thought my problems were over-----but NO, the toilet still flushed slow. I took the advice of you guys and got a toilet auger, but I could'nt unclog the toilet even with that. so this mornning I pulled the toilet off, and what a rotten job that was, I had to cut off the bolts that held the toilet on, they were all rusted up I took the toilet outside and ran the toilet auger in from the bottum of the toilet, and guess what came out???!!! ONE OF MY WIFE'S HAIR CLIPS!!!!! That was the culpret all along, but either way the septic system needed the repairs anyway, but now when I sit on the throne and do my dutty, I will have a MUCH better understanding and APPRICIATION of how the dutty is disposed of :)
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