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    We are planning to convert a half bath in a Manhattan multiple dwelling condominium to a full bath. We are not permitted to drill in to the floors. So, all of the piping will go through the walls and all 3 pieces (sink, toilet and bathtub) will funnel to a single drain which is currently the drain for the toilet. That drain will be underneath the bathtub. The toilet will be moved to a new location in the bathroom and we will be using a back/rear outlet toilet. The piping for the back/rear outlet toilet will need to be run underneath the bathtub to the drain. I believe that the pipe is 5.5 inches in diameter. My question is whether there is a raised outlet bathtub that will provide enough clearance to run the pipe from the back outlet toilet. I found a bathtub from Bootz Industries that has a 3 inch raised outlet. Was wondering if anyone is aware of a bathtub that provides more clearance. We're not interested in a free-standing bathtub on stilts that can't be used in connection with a shower.
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    quote; all 3 pieces (sink, toilet and bathtub) will funnel to a single drain which is currently the drain for the toilet.

    Your choice of terms is interesting, but inaccurate. You CANNOT "FUNNEL" the pipes to the existing toilet drain, and it will be IMPOSSIBLE to run the pipe from the toilet under the tub, unless you put the tub on a throne. Just because the pipe is 3 1/2" in diameter does NOT mean that is all the space you need. By the time you make the downward transition, the pipe will be at least 6" above the floor to the top of it, and you will have a VERY difficult time connecting the tub to that pipe and do it properly.
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    You (OP) should begin your engineering right there. Forgetting about the toilet for a moment, your tub is going to have to be high enough to get its trap underneath (even if it ends up being off to the side) and for its drain line to have some slope on the way out. So, and since you do not want a tub that cannot be used in connection with a shower, get a 2" trap (required for a shower) and sit a tub drain (just a drain, not a tub) on top of it, the put a drain ell (and not a short-turn vent ell) on the bottom of the trap and raise the entire assembly up until the centerline of the ell's output is about 3" off the floor. At that point, measure to the top of the tub drain and that is where the floor of your tub will have to be in order for this to work ... and you might also want to measure from there on up to the ceiling to be sure you can live, er shower with the remaining head clearance.
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