Rainfall Shower head placement?

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Hello all you smart people! I am going to be installing a 36x36 neo-round corner shower with a 12" off-center drain. Where is the best place to position the valve, distance from the corner wall? Additionally, I want to install a rainfall shower head that attaches to the wall (not the ceiling), where should the shower head head position be from the corner wall? Should the shower head be directly over the valve? Also, how far out from the wall should the shower head be? Should it 12 inches to match the off-center drain. I appreciate all the advice I can get before I start drilling holes and regret my decisions lol.

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I know this is a bit late but if you have a tile wall vs a pre made fiberglass wall, then I would center the valve in the wall from corner to glass. The rain head I would have set so that its at least 6" above your head accounting for the shower arm drop and height of the head itself. I would situate it closer to the wall than dead center of the shower. And consider that the longer the shower arm, the more weight and leverage there is pulling that arm down. So it should be Very well supported in the wall. And possibly supported at the finished wall as well.
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