Pumping from creek to sprinkler system

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    Jun 7, 2013
    I have a creek behind my house that hasn't run dry in the 3 years we have lived in our house and is constantly running. Currently I have a 1hp pump that pumps water out of the creek to one sprinkler head, however is somewhat of an inconvenience due to I) it doesn't get as good of coverage on our lawn/flower beds, ii) it requires dragging hoses,turning on the pump,etc. That being said, I have a sprinkler system that is run off of city water and was wondering if anyone has put in a valve to be able to switch from city to pump and if so, what hardware is required? Would I need a pressure tank and storage tank for the water and a separate pump to pump to the pressure tank to send the water to the front of the house where the sprinkler system connections tie into the city water?

    Thanks in advance.
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    You cannot tie a non-potable water system into the municipal potable water system.
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    There is no reason a pump should have less pressure and coverage than city water. You may just need a larger pump and better controls, but it is your pump, and you can make it deliver much more pressure than city water if you want. You maybe able to switch from the pump to city water using an air gap. This is just a piece of pipe that must be taken off the pump to connect the city, and must be take off the city to connect the pump. This way they can't both be attached at the same time. I don't see how anyone can afford city water to irrigate with.
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