Preferred $100-ish thermostatic mixing valve for shower?

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    Jun 5, 2015
    My top candidates, based on affordability, are the SentinelPro Thermostatic Pressure Balanced Shower Valve by Speakman and the 1/2 in. Thermostatic Temperature and Volume Control Tub and Shower Valve and Cartridge by Pfister. Do you have a preference between these two--or some other valve at a similar (roughly $100) price?

    Do you know which of the three types of non-digital sensing elements, liquid-filled bellows, wax, or bimetal, the Pfister valve uses?

    The Pfister has a better warranty than the Speakman, but that only tips the balance if its sensing element is of an equally good or better type. The Speakman's is wax-based. The three types vary considerably on longevity according to this:

    Here are the valves:
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