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    The preacher finished his sermon by saying " So you see, brothers and sisters, there's nothing in your daily life that isn't addressed by the Good Book. You can always look to the bible for the answers to all your problems."

    After the service, the preacher was approached by a lady on the church steps. "You said that everything in life is mentioned in the Bible, and I can find all the answers there.""

    "That's right" said the preacher.

    "What about PMS? What does it say about that?f

    The preacher sputtered a bit and said: " let me research that a bit and I'll get back to you."

    Next week after services, the preacher approached the lady.

    He said, "I think I've found the answer to your question from last week about PMS.

    He opened his Bible to the bookmark and read:" Mary rode Joseph's ass all the way to Jerusalem."

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