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  1. mike932

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    Apr 17, 2013
    Hi guys. My friend has a 10" x 4.5" whole house filter housing right next to her house. I want to replace it with a 20" x 4.5" housing to increase water flow. I know very little about plumbing.

    I've already bought the 20" housing, but the threads on the housing do not match the threads on the old housing cap, which means I must remove the old rust-colored cap between points B and C in my photo.

    Looking at my photo, can I just use wrenches to unscrew the pipes at points B and H?

    If so, can I connect flexible plumbing to points B and H and connect them to my new assembly? The reason I want to use flexible plumbing is so the new housing can rest on the ground to prevent putting weight on the old plumbing. The new housing cap has 1" diameter threads on the inflow and outflow.

    Is the white substance on the pipe threads teflon tape?


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  2. leejosepho

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    That is not going to increase flow. The longer housing will only decrease the amount of time between changing filter cartridges.

    No. There are unions between A & B and between D & E, and those are where all of this would begin.

    That is an extremely bad idea since that will make a nightmare of changing a cartridge.
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  4. hj

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    Aug 31, 2004
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    The old filter looks like it already has 1 x3/4 bushings in it, so if you remove them and screw them in to the new filter, it MIGHT fit back into the same place.
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