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I hope this is an ignorant question with a simple answer. I have a 1930s or 40s home. It is raised with an open crawl space. There is not much room to work underneath, but I was under it yesterday and saw a plumbing problem. It appears that the drain pipes are sealed to terra cotta, I suppose, with cement.

The problem is with a tub drain line goes to a drum trap, then iron pipe to plastic. The plastic ends just inside the bell of the clay pipe. The clay pipe is exiting the ground at an angle, probably close to 45 degrees. It is also, unfortunately, broken. There is no cement sealing it as seen in the other pipes. It is just all open. There is also not much of the clay projecting above the ground. Not any projecting above the ground, really, on the bottom/lower side.

This is obviously not a good situation. Can anyone suggest how I might seal this up? My first thought was to replace the plastic with a slightly longer length but include a 45 degree elbow so it projects into the clay a little more. After that, seal up with cement. I don't really have any idea how that latter thing, the cement part, is done.


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All the clay pipe below the home should be removed. It is not reliable, never was to code (was ok outside dwellings, still is.) and is completely obsolete

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Underneath house is prohibited outside the building line is legal you might have some other rule we build on concrete foundations not blocks with open crawlspace.
Regardless of your code general practice and workmanship today means no clay or thinwall plastic under house it should be sch 40 approved DWV piping , drum traps aren't good either so its just a few things you should consider upgrading if budget allows my opinion but if you want a temporary repair or long term you can cut that clay with soil pipe cutters and use a band with clamps to adapt to sch 40 PVC plastic probably the local preferred pipe on homes in your area we use mostly black plastic abs here just regional difference go with what's locally preferred
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