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I've been working on finishing my basement and am putting some final touches in place before beginning the drywall phase. I realized I should probably run a duct to the new basement bedroom to get some heat in there during the Winter (in Michigan). I'm not as worried about AC since it stays pretty cool during the summer already, so I'll probably just close the damper during those months.

Anyway, it seems straightforward enough to run a duct line off the supply out to exterior wall. The joists for the floor above run this direction as well. Since I'm more concerned about heat in the winter, I was planning to run the duct down the wall to a register near the floor, and put the return register up near the ceiling on the opposing wall to get some better air movement. (I drew out an image of what I'm thinking, attached.)

With respect to the return duct, I'm not sure of the best approach. The way I look at it I have 3 options (well 2 serious options, and 1 that seems pretty hacky but I've read some people have done)
1. Tie into the nearby return from the floor above (thermopan between the joists). Is it possible to tie into this with a standard duct line? Or just run more thermopan to the wall? It's probably 4' from the bedroom wall. Not sure of a good strategy for this?
2. Run a completely independent duct line back to the return trunk. Most straightforward, but probably highest effort/cost.
3. Just put a register on the adjoining wall to the unfinished space, unattached to the return trunk. From what I've read, it sounds like it would need to be at least 10' away from the furnace (it is), but it still seems like a bad idea to me nonetheless (though certainly the easiest)

Any thoughts on the best way to approach this? Thanks!


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