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    My well has been shut down for the winter but I hope to start it up within the next week now that the chance of frost in northern Michigan is fading. I had the well driller shut it down but will be opening it myself. He sold me a long handled wrench for the pitless adapter, about 6 foot of galvanized pipe, t-handle and slot like bit welded to the other end that fits onto the pitless adapter. I guess I forgot to ask what I'm doing when I open. Am I turning clockwise to shut the adapter so water goes into my supply line or am I turning counterclockwise to open it to let water into the supply line? I don't know how the pitless adapter works. Beyond that I'm assuming I would turn power to the submersible pump and I should be back in business, just don't want to burn my new pump out trying to push water against an improperly adjusted valve.
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    He probably sold you the pipe so you could winterize the line going to the pitless yourself. If the pitless is hooked up in the well casing, you should be able to just turn the power back on and have water. The pitless adapter has no valve on it. It allows you to disconnect the connection from the drop pipe to your waterline without having to dig down 4 feet or install a well pit. Hope this helps.

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    The usual pitless uses a T handle like that with a 1" MPT fitting on it used to screw into the female on top of the pitless, and that then allows you to lift the drop pipe and pump or foot valve. A slot should be to turn water on or off or... disconnect a pitless to be able to pull a pump.

    So call him and find out what you are supposed to do with the handle with a slot on the end. Or, look at the pitless and see were the slot fits but... be careful, you can undo something and drop the pump with some pitless adapters that disconnect and come apart. If yours does you need something else to hold the drop pipe.

    That slot may be used to open/close a drain valve in or on the pitless.
  5. masterpumpman

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    Mar 26, 2007
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    Drain valve!

    The handle the driller sold you is most likely to turnoff (and on) a drain valve near the pitless adapter. Remove the well cap and focus a light or using a mirror focus the sunlight into the well. You will probably see the drain valve or stop cock. Turn it off then turn on the pump to see that no water is running back into the well. Replace the well cap and you're done.
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    Porky is correct, my Brother in Law has a cabin in South Branch and he has the same exact thing. The pitless is seperate from the pipe that has the valve at the bottom. The valve lets you drain and winterize your place for the winter.

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