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    I have recently been experiencing some random pump failures (cutoffs but the pump has "luckily" restarted each time that event has occured with some difficulty and frustration I might add)...like numerous attempts with the manual arm contacts of the pressure switch before the pump starts again. I just replaced the old pressure switch with a new one last month but that hasn't helped the problem. The submersible pump, no doubt, is nearing the end of its useful life after being installed in late 1993 (about 13 years of life). My question is that once the pump dies I would like to replace the "o" ring of the pitless adapter with a new one to ensure proper sealing. What is the physical size (dimensions) of this "o" ring? What is a good source for this "o" ring? I want to have one or two of the correct size "o" rings on hand when the pump is removed from the well. Once the pump fails, I may try to do this job (pump replacement) myself with friends and relatives helping in the removal and reinstallation. Of course, I don't want to buy a complete adapter just to get a new "o" ring of the correct size. The water well was drilled in 1979 and the pump has been replaced a couple of times since then. The original Pump (2HP) was loacted at 610 feet using 1" galvinized pipe but the last time the pump failed the new pump was located at 430 feet with the black coiled PVC pipe. Normal static water level is about 20 feet. Yield of well is 1 gallon per minute. Any information would be apprciated. Thanks David
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    All different sizes and many different brands of pitless adapters. You would need to know the brand name and size of pitless to order an o-ring. I just replaced mine with an o-ring from an o-ring kit that I keep in my toolbox. When you get the o-ring out, take it to a gasket shop. They should be able to find another to fit.
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    Jun 5, 2018
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    It has been my practice to coat liberally with Vaseline. That has always maintained a good seal.
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    Sep 25, 2013
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