Pipe Size Question - PEX to Galvanized

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  1. jgold47

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    Nov 30, 2010
    Detroit, MI
    House was built in the 20's. Piping going to second floor bathroom (shower/toilet/sink) is galvanized. At some point before we bought the house, most of the basement feed lines were re-plumbed using PEX and crimp rings.

    My question is twofold...

    Most of the supply lines are 3/4", dropping to 1/2 inch to feed the kitchen, first floor bath, hose bibs, etc... for some reason, they also dropped to 1/2" to feed the 2nd floor lav, dropping to 1/2" and connecting to 3/4" galvanized heading up stairs.

    Question 1. Is there any reason to downsize the supply to 2nd floor lav? Or was the installer just sloppy? Would upsizing to 3/4" make a difference? The water pressure is ok, not great, and cant use more than one item at a time.

    Question 2. How do you switch out PEX like this? Can the rings be removed preserving the pipe, or am I looking at having to replace entire sections? I've never worked with PEX, so I would have to invest in all of the tools, but I also don't know any of the rules for working with it.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Terry

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    Aug 17, 2004
    Bothell, Washington
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  4. jgold47

    jgold47 Member

    Nov 30, 2010
    Detroit, MI
    thanks Terry - Any issues with upsizing the feed lines to the upstairs? Given that they are ancient and galvanized? shouldnt change the line pressure just the flow right?
  5. Cody Smith

    Cody Smith New Member

    Oct 14, 2013
    Is there a difference between Rifeng PEX and others? I've found better prices on Rifeng, but I don't want to get involved with 'cheap' lines. I've found some prices here if you're not familiar.
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