Pipe and wire options for submersible pumps

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    Mar 18, 2019
    I understand many people seem to prefer 160 psi poly pipe and taping the wire without any safety rope or torque arrestor. Problem is I don't like the tape idea and would rather use zip ties. I see that is not a popular option though I don't fully understand why. So what about using small diameter pvc and running wire through it attached with heavy duty zip ties? Any reason this isn't a better way to protect the wiring than zip ties alone?
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    Zip ties are hard. The pipe is hard. Smash wire between two hard things and it rugs the wire. Zip ties don't have any sticky and they tend to loosen and slide down. Tape is sticky and soft. Good electric tape every 10-20 feet is best. Also best to use double jacketed wire, as even tape is pulling the wire up against hard pipe.

    Safety rope is just a good way to plant a pump in a hole. If the rope comes loose and falls in, it acts like a wedge between the pump and casing and you cannot get the pump out. If your pipe isn't strong enough on its own, use stronger pipe. But 160 is plenty strong, as long as you use long barb fittings with two hose clamps.

    Torque arrestors and cable guards are just more stuff that can cause your pump to stick in the hole. A lot of people use them, but I never put anything in the well that isn't absolutely necessary. Double jacket wire, taped well, and limit the pump cycling and you won't have a problem.
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