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I'm going to replacing my exterior hose bibs soon and planned on increasing the PEX size of the runs. Currently they are plumbed off the main PEX 3/4" line after my softener and get downsized with PEX 1/2". I planned on doing redoing the plumbing after installing my pump and having them before the softener.

The incoming line to my house I think is 1 inch PEX (or something similar, it's not copper) into the meter, and a few feet of 3/4" copper. This runs into Goulds' J15S and I have 1 inch copper after the pump and CSV. I had the plumbers leave me a 1 inch tee before it ties back into the rest of the house/softener.

I plan to do an underground irrigation system in the future, so I planned on doing 1 inch PEX out of that tee to start with and go with either 3/4" or 1" PEX to the hose bibs.

1) Is 1" PEX a good size for a main run to an irrigation system? Any reason I'd want to go higher?
2) Are there any downsides of going with 1" PEX to the hose bibs, even if overkill? May be beneficial if I want to run high flow sprinklers in the meantime before irrigation.
3) I see the plumbers when the house was built used isolators through studs, are they necessary? Having a hard time finding them in 1 inch.

I'm on town water and my pressure switch is set to 60/80 and the pressure/flow in the house has been fantastic. The performance out of the hose bibs is still not that great, right around 6-7GPM. I'm guessing it's due to the 1/2" PEX and being after the softener, I get the same out of my tub faucet on the 2nd level. I'm assuming more performance is left on the table because my neighbor is also boosting his pressure and is able to run 5 sprinkler heads with great pressure/flow.


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No downside going 1" PEX. Higher only if you had a long run.
Using 1" is just a waste for hose bibbs on residential simple irrigation. Isolators for PEX is only used for support, and if holes are not too big, no isolation is required as long as the pipe is supported by the framing. You can use rabbit ear type supports as well.
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