Panasonic Ventilation Fan Troubleshooting

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Anyone know much about Panasonic Ventilation/Exhaust Fans?

My CFM adjusting switch is not working... I bought and had my contractor install a Panasonic FV-0511VQC1 fan which has a built in humidistat and motion sensor, as well as an adjustable CFM selector. The CFM selector does not work. It's stuck on the fastest (110CFM) speed, regardless of what I set the CFM selector to. Is this potentially just a wiring problem? Or a CFM module that can be swapped out under warranty without removing and replacing the entire fan assembly?

I have sent a message to Panasonic support from their website form and have received no response. I can't find a support phone number to connect with a human agent to help me. Any help or recommendations would be much appreciated... If I can just buy the CFM selection module myself and DIY it, I would be willing to do that too...

Ugh... I guess I could live with it stuck on high... It's a little noisier, and it evacuates the bathroom humidity very quickly... 110CFM is way to high for my 35SF bathroom though... It really should be set to 50 CFM... And in the other bathroom it is whisper quiet at 50CFM... At 110CFM, it's not "noisy" per se...but I can absolutely hear it from the other side of the house... It's like a high pitched white noise...and when it goes off, it becomes "library quiet"...

I have heard people say that they prefer a noisier guest bathroom fan for guest "privacy" while doing their maybe having it stuck on high is a "feature"... Ugh... I hate knowing that I spent hundreds of dollars on a fan that is not working properly...
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