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I have searched a bit on here, and am new to DIY Plumbing, but hopefully had a not so involved question.

Wife bought a new vanity for a bathroom, one with a drawer underneath. Unfortunately the waste line is too low to accommodate any P trap. This is in an exterior wall on a second floor bathroom.

Without notching the drawer (against wife's rule), or creating an S in the trap line with various 90 degree bends, is there a good/easy/correct way to raise the height of the waste line and water supply lines?

Do I have to open the wall and run new piping higher up through the studs to the main SanTee with a 1/4 inch drop per foot? I just don't want to do something wrong and wind up with siphoning.

Is an alternative to put a 90 degree coming out of the wall angling upwards, connected to a Studor AAV and then T off to connect to the P trap?

(Sorry for the lousy pictures, but I think you can get what I'm seeing...rough piping too low in relation to the new vanity).



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