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Hello, everyone.

I figured I'd get pro opinions on this before I embark on my project, but my 4 year old house has the cheap builder grade ACCOR FlowTite shut off's. My house is all Uponor expansion pex and I do have a Milwaukee expander from my last project. I've read such bad things on these stops that I want them out ASAP. Do you guys recommend using expansion stops or keep future replacement in mind by using an expansion male adapter with a female angle stop? I only have about 2" of pex from the drywall, so I'll probably only get one shot at this.

I figured this would be the time to think about any additional shut off's for when we travel. I am not sure what you veteran guys do, but I don't want to shut off water to the whole house when we're gone, as I run irrigation in the summer and whole house humidifier in the winter. The humidifier line is about 2 feet off the hot coming out of the water heater.

Would turning off the stop valves at each fixture be sufficient for safety when we're gone or would you guys recommend adding in some additional ball valves along the main hot and cold runs? Doing so would obviously add cost, which is what it is, but more an issue of where to put them that makes sense. I have somewhat of a pex nexus that would make this somewhat challenging. I'd love to hear what you guys do. Thanks!

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My house has expansion pex with standard compression anglestops with a stainless insert that slips in the ID of the PEX I dont like it didnt build it but nor have I changed it. 22 years in service (I have replaced angle stops). Since its outside the wall Im not that oposed to Pushfit adapters or anglestops. Expansion anglestops a third option and as Lame really as the others. then later you can bust hole in wall if you need to change angle stop. Im not the fondest of any of these solutions I suppose expansion fit a male adapter truly the best way though. of course closing the feed to water heater should be good enough in warmer monthes, I thought humidifier should be piped from cold side? it heats the water any way.
too much work to get a take off elsewher to the humidifier ? that way you could just close one valve
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