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Edmonds, Wa
Ive been a plumber for 20 years. I used to keep track of my hours and mail them in. After finding out that I needed to fax them in and having my hours not count cause i waited to long to turn them in plus the hassle of trying to get one states hours to be recognized in another state, I got so fed up with L&I I quit keeping track and sending them in.
Ive been working for myself for the past five years and ive got over 200 clients as of now. Ive never advertised, just went by word of mouth and referals. But now I was reported because I never tested out in Washington and L&I is on my ass wanting their part of my money.
My question is this, I want to be 100% legal, with my company licensed as a business and Ive always been bonded and insured. But i can only do it as a journeyman. Could I hire/offer partnership to a licensed journeyman and put everything in their name to be a co-owner of an establish(somewhat) company? That way I could work under his license while I work on getting my hours up to test out and keep my company going? Im pretty busy now with just word of mouth, if I was licensed bonded and insured and could advertise on a bunch of different platforms and get more business I could stay so busy and keep my journeyman going full-time plus me. Does anybody know if this is possible? I knew a guy that was an apprentice that opened up his own company that did this exact same thing that worked it out I used to work for them I was just wondering if it was all legal to do it that way if anybody knows I mean I don't know if I'm in the right spot to ask but any help would be much appreciated


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I know in CA, I get mailers soliciting me to be an RMO. responsible managing officer. I did it to help a friend once. Should be possible if you google it for your state.
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