Older toilets are gold!

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    Aug 13, 2005
    I haven't met one person who likes their new 1.6 crappers. I pick up every 3.5 or 5.0 I see on side of the road. Pull them apart, clean with muratic acid and replace all fittings for ~ $25 including a new seat. Toilets from 1960's look showroom new. I have even heard of people picking up the old "off color" toilets and re-glazing them white.

    A 1.6 toilets save little money when you have to flush 3 times. Not to mention the plunging problems!

    Gee Andre,
    So that's where all the old toilets are going! They're going to the side of the road.

    Do you mean side roads or BIG roads? Skinny roads or big fat wide roads. Concrete roads or asphalt roads. I musta been looking in all the wrong places for them Golden toilets you been talking about. Where do you find the gold in them? Are they in the parts you replace? Is that why you replace em? Or is it the Muriatic acid that gets that thar gold out of there? Do people "poop" gold. You a making me real interested in them thar golden toilets. This could be better than panning for gold in cold mountain rivers. It gets real cold in rivers, but if toilets have gold in them, then that might be easier if'n you know what I mean. Dang! I been throwing away all the old toilets that people don't like! I didn't know there was gold in them thar toilets!

    Hey! I gotta know these things!

    Mad Plumber
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