Old delta Kitchen faucet leaking under sink help

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    Sep 25, 2018
    Hello, I hope you are all healthy and doing well!

    Just wanted a little advise on how this can be fixed or if I need a new faucet entirely.

    This is an old Delta Kitchen faucet and what you see in the picture is the hose that extend to remove the faucet handle. It started leaking where there is a clip that is supposed to hold it.

    It seems to be leaking from at the arrows.
    How do I tighten this or is the clip just supposed to do the tightening? I repositioned the clip and tried to tighten it, but it is in a tight spot hard to reach behind and the copper water lines on each side makes it hard to do much for a noob like me and pliers.

    Is this white part of the hose screwed in or just inserted ?

    How can I fix this leak?

    Thanks in advance

    Inked20200902_194124_LI.jpg Faucet.jpg
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